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Posted on: August 12, 2011 5:35 pm

Brandon Belt

Do we really have to wait until September 1st to see Brandon Belt again?  I understand that Aubrey Huff is a proven Major Leaguer, and is great for team chemistry, yada yada yada.

Brandon Belt OBP - 0.3222
Aubrey Huff OBP - 0.3037

He gets on base more often.  Plain and simple.  Belt has a good eye, swings at good pitches, and was only scratching the surface of his potential during his brief stints on the Major club.  We know who Huff is.  The one year good, one year bad journeyman, for some reason proves true.  His 'every other season' approach has reached its boiling point, and down the stretch is not a time to test the water.

It is time to tighten the Belt.  I don't care if he is out of team options.  By trading away Zach Wheeler, it is clear to us all that Sabean is in the business of winning NOW.  So lets win NOW, hike up our pants and put the Belt around the lineup.  And I mean the every-day lineup.  Do not take Belt out if he goes 0-8.  Do not sit him against lefties.  If anything, he is an intimidating presence in the batter's box or the on-deck circle.

Aubrey Huff?  What pitchers is he intimidating, besides the ones filled with Kool-Aide?

It is time.  The Giants did away with Freddie Lewis a couple years ago when he had the best OBP on the team.  What does Sabean have against getting on base?  Well, maybe since the Giants can't drive in runs when they ARE on base, it makes no difference whether we get on or not.

So go on hitting solo HRs, and losing 2-1.  There's only so much Aaron Rowand, Aubrey Huff, and Eli Whiteside I can take.  Belt can make the difference in heading to the playoffs or not.  Halloween is much more fun with Orange and Black on the screen.  Why not go for it?  Its win NOW time.
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